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In nowadays,the security and environment presevation are the mo st important topics in the chemical industry.
For this reason, the instruments of level gage also have been requ ired more complete.
In order to meet this need, we have developed MG Type Magnetic Level Indic ator Since 1955.
We are also very proud thatm so many our products have been us ed in the da ngerous of flamable, explosive and toxic places for a long time, and have had agreat requtation.
As a specialist of the level indicator, we have improved our produc ts by our lo ng and rich experiences. Here, we are full of confidence to present the all kind of MG-type Magnetic level Indic ator, which can meet wide rangevariety of highpressure and vacuum,high temperature and low tempe rature use.


Mg type level indicator is an instrument for indicating the fluid levl, It has a magnetic float inside the non-magn etic column and an indicator outside the column. The indicator indicates the fluid level by means of magnetic force of magnetic float inside the column.
The indicatro is completely seperated from the fluid container.
The level of liquid phase and gaseous phase can be distinguished clearly by the red and green colors.


It Changes the image of sight glass gage.

  1. Non-visible part is very small and can be connected in series to inspect any height of the level.
  2. It can measure the voundary surface of two kinds liquid which have different specific gravity.
  3. It can be used for the underground tank.
  4. It can do on-off control by using of level switch.

We can ensure It's distinguished safety

  1. There is no trouble of broken glass as there is no glass component in it
  2. The level switch is explosion proof(d2G4 class)
  3. so It may be used for the explosivem flamable and toxic fluid,(Hermetic type is only for the general use)