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..... Shinho Control Corp. is a specialized leading manufacturer for level gages and flow meters of the highest technological level in Korea. Our business real covers research and development, and production with world's class instrumentation and control technologies. SHINHOCON is supplying our products and technologies based on the highest reliability and quality assurance to our customers such as nuclear power generating stations and fossil fuel power generating stations of Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO), Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Government, Public Organizations and other big companies
Shinho Control Corp.was established in 1986 and since then, over the years, our growth has been due to the continued support of satisfied customers. Now we are acknowledged as the leading manufacturer among specialist makers of pressure temperature flow and level instruments and control valves.
Our clients are not only in Korea but also in neighboring countries of Japan, and in all other Asian countries and on all the other four continents.
Since our establishment, " Direct Sales " has always been our policy. We believe this policy provides us real time field information and real time customers' requirements. Using such field and customer information, we have been able to realize:
Expansion and modernization of Product
Precise Knowledge of Special requirements/orders
Easily retrievable Archives of Application Know-how
Strengthening of Field Service Capability
to achieve our final goal of "Maximum satisfaction of Customers' Needs".
In addition to above, we have set the following objectives:
Ever Higher Product Quality
Speedy customers' delivery time requirement
Lower manufacturing costs for better price offer to customers
In pursuit of these objectives, we are in the process of:
Reorganization and rationalization of internal structures
Improvement of Quality Control System
Reviewing and rationalizing of Production technologies
We will continuously make efforts to achieve customers' satisfaction. Our continuing and rising reputation depends on such satisfaction. For this, it is necessary to develop new products based on new technologies and to continuously adopt and upgrade IT infrastru ctures

We express our hearty thanks to all our clients around the world.